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The New “ZEN” CD Is Now Available

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ZEN was Produced and Mixed by Austin Bello Productions Studio in Gainsville, VA. Bello’s influence brings a more modern, radio friendly slant to Keith’s music from his signature light acoustic ballads to more up beat soft rock flowing melodies.



For the pop-rock fans amongst us, Zen is Joseph Keith‘s gift to you. Undeniably catchy and immediate, each track works as well or better than the last and coupled with the odd change of pace and mood creates a complete listen out of what could also be seen as a collection of single-worthy songs” Quote from Emissions Music Review


ZEN is available for purchase on iTunes and is accessible on Spotify.


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Joseph Keith – WINTER Review on Music Emissions

Young Virginia-based college student Joseph Keith has begun down a very familiar road of the American singer/songwriter, and with some recorded material under his belt, is ready to drop his new LP Winter through independent channels very soon.


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Joseph Keith in JMU’s “The Breeze” News Paper

It’s never too early to start a music career.

Singer-songwriter Joseph Keith Cochran, a sophomore computer information systems major, is releasing his fifth album “Winter” in the upcoming month. Going by the stage name of Joseph Keith, he frequently travels up and down the East Coast performing at various venues.