Watching MoviesThat Can Promote Communication Skills


The evolution in communicating has become easier with text messaging sent to someone on the other side of the globe so fast that instantly a reply is expected. Still communication holds a vital role in the development of a child’s character as they grow and develop into manhood. Communication is not just mere words on the phone screen, or in paper, but it can also come on the big screen as in movies. Here, it teaches children valuesand traits as in being respectful, honoring relationships, understanding differences, proper listening and being helpful. This is a big factor in the character development of a child. With the right movies to watch movies online on megashare sc,more can be gained out from this medium.

What are some of these movies?

Some movies that promote character development in children and teens arethe following:

  1. T. – promotes the value of friendship, camaraderie, compassion and understanding on the possibility that there are other planetary beings outside of earth.
  2. Charlotte’s web – kindness, love, compassion and self-worth
  3. The Lion King – good character traits, healing, honesty and determination
  4. Frozen – promotes love of family through sacrifice
  5. Cinderella – kindness, courage, compassion
  6. Soul surfer – courage and determination while overcoming fear
  7. How to train the dragon – tolerance, courage and determination and love of family
  8. Inside Out –it’s a beautiful original story about how to handle big feelings.
  9. Song-Song of the Sea– the tale exploring myths and promoting sibling relationship
  10. Cars 3 – story inspires empowerment and mentorship
  11. Iron Giant – robot-kid friendship
  12. Edge of Seventeen – relates to the coming of age of a teen


There are plenty of movies that can also give kids some real-life skills while there are other movies that teach them manners and values. But what are more inspiring are the movies that also encourage kids to see the world in a different perspective enough to change it for a better future.